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This is Meyer with my best friend, Jean. “Auntie Jean” has been my friend since we were in 5th grade. I can hardly believe it! 23 years? It hardly seems possible, that we’ve gone from little kids, to teen, to young women… and now she’s becoming friends with my little guy. She’s a good auntie, bringing him chocolates and a slingshot for presents. That’s really important… Someone to give him all the dangerous things I won’t let him have. It’s weird to hang out sometimes… She’s not married, lives in LA, is an artist and is living the “city life” I’m married, have a kid, live a little more of a country life… but still we connect on the big things. And somehow we still manage to be complete asshats when we’re together. Let’s just say the other night involved funny hats, a lot of strange poses and some excellent photography.

So this is about the kid right? I guess what this come down to is that on of my hopes for him is that he will find a few people in his life that will be his constants through all the changes. Someone who will go to school with him, teach him things, introduce him to a mate, live with him in college, travel with him… be there for him. If he finds a friend like her, he’s set for life.

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