Toasted Wedding Event part 2

Ok, I’m so excited to get to part 2! Let’s just jump right in.



Are you ready? First we’ve got Danielle of Paper Portrayals. Um, wow. right? These are Paper. I’m still kind of in awe of these. Not only is she this crazy amazing paper artist, she’s also a really good florist, too! She has an amazing eye for color and detail, don’t you think?

MFP_9020 MFP_9015

Next we’ve got Dorthea Couture. Theresa makes the most luscious bridal accessories. Can we just for moment take a look at this capelet? SIGH. Is there any possibility I can wear silk velvet everyday while living on a farm?


The Cheese School is my new obsession. Will someone please invite me to a wedding with a cheese wheel cake? Or buy me one for my birthday? It’s cute, it’s clever, it’s unique and it’s delicious. What more could you ask for? Perfect for the couple that isn;t that into sweets, or maybe even just for a cocktail hour wedding.

MFP_8991 MFP_8994

My English Tea Party provides vintage crockery rentals for tea parties, bridal showers and small weddings. I have always loved the mismatched look and adore their little tag line “Tune your mind to Happy with the chick of cups and saucers”

MFP_8941 MFP_8942 MFP_8943

All Seasons Catering provided two amazing items to nibble on. One was smoked salmon on a black sesame white macaron with creme fraiche. I did not get any photos of those because they were gone by the time I got over there! (well except for one which I ate, sorry) I did however get to photograph and eat the cheesecake filled donut with salted caramel chocolate glaze. Yes, they were as amazing as they sounded.


Jasmyne of Pink of Perfection is an amazing event planner. She was my neighbor at the event and while we only got to talk briefly, I adore her aesthetic and can tell she is a highly organized person. But beyond that, she has style. Her weddings are big and small, rustic and elegant, city, country, beach… It really looks like she can tackle it all! I can not wait to work with her, I bet she’ll be even more than I expect.


Brianne of Brown Fox Calligraphy has some gorgeous work! As someone who has tried (at failed) at learning modern calligraphy, I know how hard it is to do it well. She’s got great, clean lettering and a good sense of design. MFP_8976 MFP_8977True Emerald Styling and Planning were also a beautiful booth. They look like they have a gorgeous aesthetic and I just loved their display! MFP_8978


I got to chat a little with Audrey of Botanica Floral and Event Design. What drew me to her at first was this sofa. I tried to steal it but she caught me. boo. 🙂 She’s betting on Bohemian being a big look in the next few years and she will be the gal to talk to! The lush colors and textures that she threw together are just yummy. MFP_8968

My across the way neighbors were Off The Grid. They travel all across the Bay Area, coordinating food trucks of your choice for your reception. Very cool and a total on-trend idea! MFP_8956 MFP_8957 Last but not least, I need to give a nod to the brilliant Toasted Gals. Dawn and Tara, You gals did an AMAZING job. Who knew that a new event would pull in such a crowd?? Thank you so much for having me be a part and I can’t wait to do it again.

I know I’m forgetting so many people, and I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to talk to you or take a photo… You all rock!

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