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i am so spent. We picked meyer up from my mom and dad at the feryy building today, enjoyed a wonderful lunch at the japanese deli, and trekked over to the exploratorium to make up for the monday debacle. Meyer was thrilled with the museum. he ran to every exhibit, pushing buttons, pulling lever and dashing off before i got the chance to explain what everything was. It was packed to the gills, what with it being a rainy weekend and all, but we still had a good time. I used to go there pretty frequently as a kidlet. It’s one of my favorite things, sharing with meyer the things I enjoyed at his age. So we ran around there for a few hours and started back to my parent’s house (I have a portrait in San Jose tomorrow) It took us 2.5 hours to make it back. the traffic was horrible, absolutely horrible. I really kept thinking, “there has got to be an accident somewhere” but it just kept going on. blech. Well we mde it in time for a yummy dinner, and now meyer is bathing and gettign ready for bed.

In other news, we found another piece of property. We love it, we talked with our friends, we were ready to make an offer… and the owners got another offer and accepted it. grrr. It was only on the market for four days! I guess some things are still lively, if the price is right. It will happen, and I know the longer we look, the better change we having of finding the *perfect* place. I don’t deal too well with the looking , the excitement, the letdown. I get to the point that i don’t want to look anymore, because i can’t handle the repeated disappointment. it will happen.

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