the old place

the old place

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Well, I was hoping to post a really exciting update on my Environment day… But the sellers countered our offer with a ridiculously high counter offer. We know that the property is over priced… we lived there for four years! I was so mixed about this property. I mean it’s a beautiful piece of land, though not as usable as we would like. Three houses, but not in great shape. I started to get excited about it as i talked with the other couple we’re trying to buy with. I have names for the chickens picked out (rose, myrtle, grace and mabel) I have the type of goats chosen, we planned the tea house, the kid’s play house, the garden parties were forming in my mind… and the 10th anniversary party, the one i’ve been planning since the 1st? well, the party now had its location. Close enough to the house to power the hundreds of twinkly lights, and with enough space for the out of town guests to camp for the weekend. SEE?

But still, the house and land hold some special meaning for me. Nathan and I were married in the back yard, and we spent many happy years creating a huge garden, making delicious meals, brewing beer, playing with our puppy, and eventually buying the house we are in now. It was really our first home, it was the first place we lived in together alone. I am a little sad that we won’t get to live there again, we won’t get to share the beautiful land with Meyer…I won’t get to see that beautiful stained glass window in the bedroom that I totally covet. heh.

I do know that eventually we will find the right piece of land… it just might take some time and a little more compromise.

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