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Would you believe that I can’t take my own family holiday photo? Every year it’s either been out of focus, or I had to photoshop in a head because one of us had our eyes closed! This is terrible! I think I figured a way to get us decent photos this year… time will tell! Look for the photo to make its debut in a few weeks.

Meyer is cracking us up lately. He’s starting to tell jokes, and just bursts into song whenever he feels like it. His imagination is really taking shape – for better and for worse. Play time is awesome, complete with funny voices and crazy dance moves. BUT, this also seems to mean nightmares about spiders, monsters, sharks and inexplicably, last night, a map of the Embarcadero center. We were doing so well with our sleep schedules, and now? He’s in our bed by midnight every night. It’s starting to make me a wee bit crazy, and not at a really great time! This has been a really busy few weeks, and it doesn’t really look look its stopping anytime soon. I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is next week and that for some unknown reason I decided to invite my parents and grandfather to my house for dinner. Why again? Ug. thus begins the cleaning frenzy… Then We’re off to Asilomar for Nathan’s annual math conference (um, yea?) But I am looking forward to the aquarium and the Dennis the Menace playground!

And in in the most important news of all, I bought a Golden Girls t-shirt today.

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