I’m trying to be more thankful for little things in my life, because when it comes down to it, life is just a long string of little experiences strung together. These moments are what I hope will be my memories in my old age.

So, this is the first in what I hope will be a regular installment of moments that make my heart sing, occasionally accompanied by photographs, of course.

Rushing back from a pub in Ireland, missing the downpour by moments, warming ourselves by the peat stove, tea in big mugs.

Walking down the driveway at dusk, Meyer riding his bike, holding hands with Nathan, in no hurry to be anywhere.

Signing closing papers on our first home.

Sitting in a dark house, nursing Meyer, eating tapioca and fruit salad my mom made for me. Smelling his little head and rocking, rocking, rocking…

Eating honey out of the comb with Meyer and Nathan. feeling the warm gush of honey in my mouth while seeing Meyer experience it for the first time.

A blanket in the shade with dogs, kids and friends.

Dinner with new friends, walking in their vineyard before dinner, snacking on homemade pate, sausage and wine, kids playing nearby.

Helping Meyer plant his own apple tree.

Waking up with Meyer in bed, smelling bacon and eggs cooking in the kitchen, having Nathan bring me a cup of tea.

Kids running through the sprinklers

Floating in the ocean, moving with the waves

Waking up on christmas day at the ranch to snow, no footprints for miles and miles…

Sitting in the sun on the first warm day of the year, feeling warmth and hope.


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