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Do you have children in school or preschool? Do you hate to get those huge packages of unflattering photos that get shoved into your desk drawer never to be seen again? Do you hate spending your hard earned dollars on stiff and boring photos of your beautiful children?

I certainly do, and that was part of the reason I started working with Mugshots School Photography this past year. Mugshots is a great locally owned company that has been working to bring a better school photography product to parents and schools for the last 14 years. We have a much different philosophy about school photos and really strive to get the true smile from your children resulting in a wonderful portrait of your child, not just a “picture”. Another great thing is that it works on a preview system, which means you get to see before you buy! Plus, you get at least three different poses to choose from.

But administrators need not fear! We know how stressful photo day can be, and we are very in tune to the school’s needs and desires.

Visit to learn more about the program and contact me for a “parent visionary” kit to get Mugshots into your school!

But, what it really come down to for me are the photos – Here’s an example of what you could get to order from…


Isn’t that much nicer than that plain old blue background?!

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