preschooler chaos

preschooler chaos, originally uploaded by michelle.feileacan.


I’ve been so busy, I’ve hardly had the time to upload photos! We went to a friend’s 4th birthday party a few weeks ago. It was a breakfast/pajama party and man, was that a good time. After a few cups of good strong coffee I was able to face the magician and the 10 kids under 4. that photo over there? that’s pure preschooler joy, baby.

I’ve been really busy with Mugshots (i told you i did school photos, too, right?) ah, yes. good times. It’s been a good first season, and I’m liking seeing all the happy faces day after day. to see what that’s about.

I’ve also been busily crafting, getting stock set for moving my store entirely over to etsy this month. (ah, did i fail to mention i have a craft business?)

And then there was the pancake breakfast with our friends and my dad’s firehouse. and my craft show this weekend. and more mugshots. and family this week. and camping next week. not to mention all my regular clients, my new clients and all the post production work!

i thought fall was supposed to be slower than summer!

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