Portrait Photography

Whether it's just the two of you, or about to be three of you, or a whole pile of family members... my portrait sessions are designed to be joy-filled and simple. I capture not only the essential posed images, but the images in-between where your family story is actually told. I like messy and real, I like kids to be themselves, I like homes that are lived in and I like families that are open to having a good time.

Now booking fall and winter 2019

Portrait Session

Standard portrait session for couples, families and maternity. Includes up to two hours of shooting. All images are purchased a la carte. (digital files start at $65, prints at $50)


Portrait Session +

Standard portrait session for couples, families and maternity. Includes up to two hours of shooting. Includes all files delivered digitally after the session.


Mini Session

Mini sessions are 30 minutes and limited to a few times a year (I announce on Instagram) They include 5 digital files to download.


Questions & Answers

How do I prepare the Kids?

Leave the stress at home! I operate under the "what will be, will be" philosophy. If you are easy-going and not stressed about the outcome, I know we can make beautiful images. Let me do the hard work and just enjoy being together. I can be goofy and draw out smiles from even the shyest of smilers. If everyone is in a bad mood, it will show! Let's be silly and show your family relaxed and enjoying each other. Even if that means a shirt is slightly untucked or someone refuses to wear the matching shirt. In the end, you're going to remember having fun and their beautiful smiles, not that they *had* to wear their rubber ladybug boots. Please allow your child to bring a special stuffed animal or doll if they have it. I love to use them to help take photos and even get a portrait of them with their special friend. Other than that the most important thing is to relax. Especially with a little one, just let them be them and maybe not even mention that you're getting "photos" taken. I suggest saying "we're going to meet a new friend and we're going to play a little and take some pictures!" If grandparents or other guests are present, I ask that they step away during photographing. Too many faces and voices can stress out even the most mellow of kids. This is one of those few times when extra hands aren’t always helpful.

what happens during the session?

I come to you with no expectations but a lot of experience in making beautiful images. We will do some light posing (don’t worry, I’ll direct you!) but mostly we’ll talk, have fun, play games and just experience the time. The only thing you need to do is be willing to relax and let me take care of almost everything. A mini session will be abbreviated, but similar in scope. In images, you can expect to see a mixture of posed, candid and lifestyle images in your gallery.

What should i wear?

It's really a lot easier that most people think. I say: think similar colors, but not "matchy-matchy". Choose a color palette and work a few key pieces into your wardrobe. I think jeans are always a great option and go with just about every type of outfit. Most family sessions look best when you all feel comfortable and look like "you". Little ones do best when they can move freely and aren't too "fussed over". I suggest bringing a few layering pieces, keeping in mind that at least one of the locations might have you sitting on rocks or on the ground. For makeup, keep it simple! You don't need to do anything dramatically different from your normal routine. Maybe pay a little closer attention to eye makeup, making sure it's not too heavy. Avoid lotion tanners too close to your session, they generally don't photograph well. Make sure to moisturize well and drink lots of water the days before your session. If you don't wear makeup you will need to trim nails, brush hair, apply some lip balm and a little hand lotion... all that good stuff. Prep like you're going on a date! Avoid hairstyles for kids that require a lot of fussing or upkeep - we want to feel relaxed and happy!

what happens after the session?

About a week after your session you will receive a full online gallery of all your images to view. At that point you will have the option to choose your package-included images, upgrade to the full gallery, or purchase prints and products right from your gallery.



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