Nate & Gina

I can’t really find the words to full describe this wedding. Or rather, this couple. They are both such stellar and beautiful people – inside and out. They are kind and funny and hard-working… and have amazing taste. Their sweet ceremony was held under the redwoods and included lots of laughter, tears, and tattoos. Nate is a tattoo artist and two of his coworkers gave the happy couple matching tattoos as part of their ceremony. I would expect nothing less from this couple! Gina is an amazing jewelry artist and created her squash blossom, necklaces for her bridesmaids, bolo ties for the groomsmen and even crafted their rings! At the reception the community amazingness continued with friends and family bringing the most amazing display of food to share. I was a little nervous hearing “potluck” and “wedding” together in the same sentence, but this turned out incredible. People were sharing recipes, swapping stories and marveling over the spread. The band members are also friends of the couple and treated everyone to a great time.  Nichole of California Sister made the flowers, again knocking it way out of the park. And can we just for one second mention how gorgeous this couple is? Lookers, the both of ’em.

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