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Last night I fell asleep in my son’s bed (after he fell asleep in our bed…don’t ask!) And he came in to wake me up in the morning asking if I wanted a cup of tea. I really wanted to sleep a bit more. I was up too late editing images and reading… But he was so cute, making me tea and scrambled eggs on his wooden toy stove, and making sure I had refills when I finished my (water) tea.
After we got up, we walked to the coffee shop and as usual, he takes a long time. He must stop to look at every twig, talk about every flower, throw rocks and sometimes just walk in circles looking at the sky. I tend to get impatient (especially when I haven’t got my coffee yet!) But something occurred to me while walking – what does it matter if it takes 10 minutes rather than 5? I will never get this moment back with him… I will never again have this day of sunshine and family walking down to get hot chocolate and coffee.

I went off to work, and when I came home, he and Nathan were both filthy from working in the garden, picking plums, drawing with chalk and just being boys. It’s something that I really value from my childhood – the permission to get dirty. I was not a complete tomboy… I played with my barbies and other girlie things, but more often than not the barbies were construction workers. But as an adult, I’ve come to like being clean and tidy. Consequently, I spend a lot of time telling him to wipe his face, get a napkin, don’t spill… but there are times when I should just let it be…  He’ll wash clean and I can hose off the deck… The freedom to just be, to just play, to just dig and walk barefoot in the garden.

I guess this is one of those days where I learn more than I teach.

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