Modern Tintypes : A new offering

I am so, so excited to finally unveil the project I’ve been working on. The Modern Tintype. Tintypes are a photographic process dating to the mid 1800’s and were one of the first quick and relatively easy photographic portrait processes. I’ve taken this process and adapted it to the contemporary portrait using a combination of modern digital negatives and vintage darkroom techniques.

My tintypes are hand coated with a photographic emulsion onto a prepared small, thin metal plate and exposed in the darkroom. Every emulsion is different creating unexpected and diverse results. The imperfections and variations are part of the beauty of the process and make every image a one-of-a-kind work of art. I then hand make and finish a block frame (this is in a piece of reclaimed walnut) that can be set on a table top or hung on a wall.


These are a labor of love, as each image can take many hours to create the final product. I owe a great deal of thanks to my close friend Brian Gaberman for helping me navigate the darkroom again and for sharing his tips on these alternative photographic techniques. (go look at his personal work for some of his ambrotypes)

I think these are a truly unique offering and are really well suited for weddings and children’s portraits. These will be available as an add-on to every wedding package and portrait package  and also available as a stand-alone session.  I can even create a tintype for you from a past session if the images are appropriate for the medium. If you are curious about them or want to add one to your wedding or portrait package, please contact me for pricing and availability.

I’ll also be printing some larger fine art pieces in the near future, so if these interest you please keep an eye out for those as well.

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