Sonoma County Farm Wedding – Jonny & Amy

Oh goodness I’ve been remiss in posting this wedding and it was my favorite this year!  And not only because the groom is an old college friend and roomate of Nathan’s, and their stellar celebration was held in our very own backyard! The food was wonderful, the people outstanding and I manged to work the entire wedding without going into labor!!

Now, normally I gush about how awesome the venue is and how I think you should book the place for yourselves… I don’t think I’ll be doing much of that, but I will say how pleased I was that it turned out so well, and how lovely it was to host so many out-of-towners to our beautiful little part of the world. The Sonoma County folks nod their heads in agreement when I talk about the number of folks blown away by our beautiful little county.

Jonny and Amy signed a Ketubah before their ceremony which is the Jewish marriage contract.  The immediate family and witnesses gather for a brief ceremony and sign the document. I think it’s a lovely quiet moment between just a few people that really puts the couple into the wedding mood before slamming full on into the wedding and reception.

Aren’t they a cute little family? Despite my best attempts to dislike their little dog Knuckles, she won me over. Also the fact that mr. sarcasm up there has this little doggie voice that he uses to talk to her… keeps me laughing.

This spring  has just been terribly unpredictable but the weather cooperated so nicely, three days before the wedding we had hail and thunderstorms. The next day was overcast and windy. Day of the ceremony? Sunny and clear, no wind! Doesn’t it look like the perfect spring Sonoma County Day?

Amy and Jonny had a scotch bar with maybe 10 different kinds of scotch. This one up here is my favorite. Amy surprised Jonny by singing him a song accompanied by one of Jonny’s groomsmen. She has a great voice and it was so sweet to watch Jonny just stare at her with love and admiration. In lieu of a traditional cake,  The couple had a dessert tray of assorted pastries, cookies, creme puffs, and individual tiramisus. Fiorini bakery in Sonoma provided all the desserts and they were really quite good. In fact that creme puff photo up there is just about killing me…

I think you can tell that this couple has a great sense of humor and is truly meant for each other. I was so honored to be both their photographer, their hostess and their guest at the wedding. Good job guys!

I want to give a shout-out to Rosso Pizzeria. Such delicious food, such nice staff and a really fun catering idea for parties and such. Go eat there! Hire them! YUM.

I also want to acknowledge my AMAZING second photographer Noelle Gaberman. She is not only a good friend but an amazing photographer and we have developed a really good working relationship. Her help was invaluable when I couldn’t get my pregnant body down to the ground for low shots or when I had to grab a quick rest off my feet. She’s my first choice for assistants, so if you like her work be sure to request her when booking!!

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