Jen & James – A DIY masterpiece!

Ok, let me start by saying this was probably one of my favorite weddings this year. 1st, Jen is the cousin of Katy whose wedding I photographed oh so many years ago, and it was wonderful to see so many family members again and see their family grow and grow!

2nd Jen and James are just the CUTEST couple… Every time Jen and I would talk we would find things in common, from gardening to DIY to dogs and to our awesome husbands that seem to be able to do everything! Jen and James are both level headed, get it done types. They just seem to not be affected by stress and drama, but are so in love in in-tune they just flow together.  Whatever the magic combination is, their wedding was the result of a lot of hard work on their parts and the know-how and action of their friends and family.

3rd. I mean come on. Cowboy boots? BBQ Oysters? Those Flowers?! (made by the bride’s aunt!) and a crowd that had me dancing and laughing all night long. (Ask me sometime about the spontaneous “dance off”) And just all the thoughtful, funny, sweet and clever details this couple created for their guests.

What a beautiful celebration and I was SO honored to be apart of it. Keep your eyes out for this up and coming venue, as well. They don’t have a site yet, but when they do, get in touch!



Location: Trappe Ranch (SO AMAZING!)
DJ: Runaway DJ
Buses: First Student Bus (what a fun idea)
Hair: Tracy Pelleriti @ Guys & Dolls
Makeup: Liz Casadidio @ Halo Salon


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