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i can’t believe it’s been a month since i posted. I’ve been laying low, taking some family time and being really, really lazy. I’ve been thinking about the things that i need to accomplish and while the normal one always apply (be heathier, better family time, etc) I actually want to make a list of concrete things that I will accomplish in 2008. so here’s my start.

get office and studio organized. it’s a disaster. papers everywhere, things not filed… it will only take a few days, but it has to be done.

get house ready to sell by spring/summer. this means one room a week we will clean clutter out, organize, box up and get ready.

get sewing studio organized. i can’t even explain how bad it is. it’s really, really bad. really bad. it really needs to be cleaned something fierce.

start doing more personal photography. once a week i will do a personal project just for me.

write in blog at least once a week.

keep house from spiraling into disaster by cleaning up after dinner and helping meyer to clean up toys after playing.

stick to weekly menu/meals.

so there. not so bad, right?

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