Happy Birthday Madra!

dog nose, originally uploaded by kittyredkitty.

Madra is 6 years old this month. She’s been a great friend to us, and has grown into a patient, playful and loving dog to Meyer. She puts up with the tail pulling, vigorous hugging and chasing, mostly she permits it because of the treats that make their way under the table…but I know deep down it’s family loyalty When we brought Meyer home for the first time, she sniffed his little feet, then laid down next to him in the sunshine. she’s been his best friend ever since. She’s getting older, and a little gray in the muzzle, but she has hardly slowed down a bit. She still tears out the dog door and down the stairs to greet the garbage men or the neighbors walking their dogs.

Thanks for 6 years (42?) and here’s to many more!

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