Family Day: What a sunday morning looks like.

I’m not terribly good about sharing things on this here blog. I like to share my sessions and things I find interesting but never actually find the time to write too much. I’m not much of a “words” person, I suppose, but mostly I think that it’s because I’m really *busy* living my life. I used to be so tense, trying to cram all the things in, working non-stop, answering emails at all hours of the night… But lately I’ve been slowing down. Call it age or necessity, it’s certainly been a blessing. I rarely work on a Sunday because that’s my family day. We make breakfast, maybe go for a bike ride, have tea in the afternoon and bake or prep for the upcoming week. It’s a little bit chaotic (as life with two boys tends to be) but it’s filled with giggles and naked babies and funny dances.  I hope you enjoy this little peek into my family.

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