Bethany + Franklin

This weekend Jeremiah ( Twin Lens Studio) and I shot this lovely wedding up in Cloverdale. This was my second time shooting at the Domenichelli Farm House, the previous time being that family reunion a few weeks back. This location is so perfect for weddings and reunions! It a gorgeous old farmhouse with an amazing kitchen, lovely yard, pool and big shady porch. But, I digress!
This was a true Rock Star wedding! Franklin was a part of the awesome 80’s cover band Tainted Love and had his friends and band buddies playing a kickin’ set for the reception.

Let’s let the pictures speak a little, shall we?


oh, yum. carrot cake AND white cake with raspberry. yum.


Bethany getting ready for the ceremony


Bethany’s beautiful shoes with a lucky six-pence.


Doesn’t she look like a 30’s movie star here?


I love this one, the dress hanging there in the background.


the colors in this one just say “burlesque” to me!


ok, finally some of the happy couple! how cute are they?


I know it was hard pulling you guys away from the party, but it was worth it, right?


and the beautiful farmhouse


and in true rock star fashion, Franklin serenaded his new bride…


Thanks guys! It was fun and I hope your enjoy the rest of your photos!

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