St. Patrick’s Day Wedding – Anna & Nat

I’m almost embarrassed to post these today, being that the wedding was only yesterday. I was just so excited, so tickled with the celebration that I couldn’t wait to start looking at them.  As I kept finding favorites, I realized what a whopper of a post I was going to share! Don’t tell my husband, but this was one of those weddings that reaaaaaly makes me want to get married all over again.

Anna and Nat had a lively, lovely family-friendly St. Patrick’s Day wedding. Their celebration was a flawless mix of elegance and whimsy that perfectly mirrored the personalities of the couple. The spring weather arrived just in time and added to the joy and fun of this wedding.


Anna wore a custom silk dress with a bright green petticoat underneath. She made her fascinator and all the boutonnières and corsages out of the most lovely array of emerald toned feathers. (she needs to open an etsy shop, right?) Nat and his groomsmen wore green kilts, with Nat sporting a linen vest and top hat with feather accent.


The Hall was decorated simply, with green tissue “poufs”, twinkly lights, and the really unique linen, lace and paper chain background to the sweetheart table. The tables were simple and elegant, just bunches of various white, green and yellow flowers in mason jars tied with twine lined up on linen over white paper. (which the multitudes of children attending had a blast coloring on) Anna prepared goodie bags for all the kids, which included crayons, glow sticks, and other goodies to keep them entertained during the day.


It was so, so obvious to everyone how much in love this couple is – there was so much genuine emotion, so much laughter and quite a few tears that I even had a hard time staying dry-eyed myself. Had I also not been a waddling pregnant clumsy lady I would have been out there dancing with the party people!


Each of the bridesmaids chose their own dress in shades of green which perfectly suited the feeling of the day – classy, fun and comfortable. They had delicious fudgey cupcakes (yes, I had one. yum!) and do you notice the topper? Yup, that’s Han, Leia and little R2 (symbolizing Anna’s daughter!) So much fun.



Anna, Nat and Ruby – I wish you all the best, thank you so much for having me be a part of your celebration.

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