7 random facts

I’ve been tagged for this 7 random things about me!

1) I have worn the same color lipstick for 9 years. I will probably die if they ever discontinue it. It’s Malt Matte Stick from Origins. When i have extra money I go buy 2 *just in case*

2) I had a wart on my toe for 7 years. I didn’t know it was a wart until a few weeks ago – it didn’t hurt and i thought it was just a weird callous. Now it’s gone.

3) My parents are 16 years older than me, and we’re quite good friends.

4) I apparently do this thing, where If Meyer asks if the dog can say, go to dinner with us. I’ll say “dogs don’t eat sushi, because they can’t use chopsticks” or “cats don’t go to hawaii because they can’t get passports” It’s almost always about the dog, and I have started to notice I do it nearly every day… without thinking about it.

5) I believe that I am one in a line of eccentric, creative women. As I age I find myself becoming more and more like my grandmother. Occasionally, when I’m cooking or in and antique store I can feel her presence and I feel that she talks to me during these times…

6) I have to create something evey day. If I don’t cook, take photos or craft something, I feel pretty empty. It absorbs my manic energy and centers me.

7) I wish I could sing. Or even just play an instrument. 5 years of piano lessons and I can barely play “happy birthday” I also can’t learn a foreign language. eh.

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