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Find the objects of your affection.
At 3 a.m. a fire alarm wakes you. After making sure people and pets are out of the building, what would you grab for next?
Being that my dad is a firefighter and that we’ve just come through a particularly nasty fire season, you’d think I would have this answer down pat. But this is tough. I’m a collector. I inherited my grandmother’s love of treasures… sometimes a little too much. So what to I grab? Well, Photos? yes, I mean most of Meyer are on hard drives at the studio, or backed up on my server. Most of my negatives are at my studio… My childhood photos are at my mom’s house… We never really put together a baby book, and our wedding photos I could totally live without.

But the photos I would totally save? Most are of people I never knew. My collection of photo cards (the one over there is my Great-great-aunt Inez… and yes, that’s a real deer) the daguerrotypes, the tin types… these i would grab.

Next? oh jeez. would it be the key collection that I inherited from my great-grandmother? The art that Nathan and I have collected since we met? The collection of Virgin Mary statues? The books? oh god, my books. Not just the old children’s books, the one of a kind book of Kent etchings, the japanese wooden books… But all our books, the bookshelves filled with the combined memories of our relationship, the dreams from my teen years, the stories that got me through long nights… My art books and all Meyer’s books – I can hardly think about it.

Shall I go on? How about my more mundane things? The boxes of Meyer’s baby clothes? All my fabric? My jewelery? Sheeit, I had forgotten about all my jewelery and my grandmother’s jewelery! I’ve been thinking about this the last few days with the fires in so. California, and while I know the most important thing is that you get our with your life, I know that I would be thankful that I got out of the house with nothing but my son, husband and dog. But I think that slowly the sadness of the lost material things would creep in. I’m very tied to my environment. How my home looks is so important to me, and It’s been a challenge for Nathan to understand that and accept it… I’m working on being less tied to my things and he’s working on caring less about it when I am.

and with that, i’m out – ending your random, rambling read for the day.

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