4 years ago:


And what things can I say that aren’t cliches? Time goes so quickly, you’re not a baby anymore. Tt all goes in the blink of an eye, even when the hours seem to drag on and on. You are my sunshine, buddy, and I mean it. you give me a reason to try to better myself. I love you like nothing else, and hope that someday you will feel the same kind of love. I love to look at your eyes, stroke your hair and snuggle with your big warm feet. I love to watch your face when something pleases you – your uncontrolled laughter can make me grin on the most bleak of days. You are kind and compassionate, you are smart and wiley, you are clever and cunning. You are either a complete joy to be with or a terror, there isn’t much grey area with you, but I’m sure more of that has to do with me than you. You are stubborn, and I know that you got that from me, I hope it serves you well and doesn’t become a burden. You are confident, yet cautious. You take pride in doing things well, but also can revel in the simple joys of being a boy.

You are always thinking, even as you fall asleep you ask me questions about how things work, or why something acts the way it does. Sometimes I forget how young you are, because you ask me questions that would challenge a 6 yr old. I look in your eyes and see your father and the love he has for me and the beauty of the life we have been blessed with. I see my childhood and I strive to give you all the joys with none of the heartache. I love your skin, your beautiful hands, your soft cheeks and lean body. Some days all it takes is a snuggle or touch to ground me. Though I grumble about it, I find such a joy and comfort of your little body curling up and spreading out between us in bed. Your little toes finding warmth under me, your hands winding around my arms and your sweet soft mouth open, your cheeks flushed, looking much like you did four years ago today.

happy birthday little bear.



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