5 years is gone in the blink of an eye.

img_8217Today I was watching him run up the driveway towards my car – his hair flowing, long strong legs pumping, cheeks flushed and laughing, and I realized how far we’ve come. From the squirming little bug I held on my chest to the little man telling me jokes, learning to read, helping me make cookies and digging in the garden with his dad. I enjoy this age so much. I’m finally getting to know who he is now – and catching glimpses of the man he’s going to become.  He amazes me every day with his sense of humor, his love of foods, his desire to learn, his compassion and tenderness. Of course he drives us crazy, too. Some days it seems as if he never stops talking, and he’s learned to roll his eyes like a pro. But he’s still my little baby boy. It’s still a treat to cuddle in our bed, to read stories, to watch the stars.  He’s my love and he’s changed my life.  Happy birthday, buddy.  i love you.


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