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Emily & Dan – Sebastopol Wedding

If I could only use one phrase to describe yesterday’s wedding, it would be “open-mouth laughter”. Do you know the kind of full-belly laugh that comes with no reservation, the hearty, full laugh that conveys true joy and merriment? Yesterday was filled with it. Two families came together to celebrate JOY at the groom’s childhood home in Sebastopol. Emily and Dan are the kind of couple that brighten the room when they walk in, and getting to meet their family and friends it’s easy to tell why. Laughter, music, dancing, family, food… what more does anyone need, really?

Thanks to you and your families for having me be a part of your special day and have a GREAT time on your trip!

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  • Elizabeth Durney - Hi Michelle –
    Love your word and your words. My fiance, Panama, and I are getting married in Mendocino on July 12, 2014. You booked yet? Would love to discuss your approach, price etc if you’re not.
    Thanks and have a nice weekend.

    p.s. Only catch is that we live in the Netherlands right now (though we’re from Petaluma and Mendocino), so best bet is to email back and then we can set up a time for us to call you. We’re 9 hours ahead.ReplyCancel