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Ken & Rachel

Ken & Rachel had the sweetest celebration. They had a heartfelt wedding in their church followed by what they called “an epic dinner party” at their home. It was such a relaxed a lovely atmosphere, it’s easy to why they were smiles all day long. They are incredibly family oriented and it was a joy to watch their families celebrate their love.

Some of my favorite parts of the day were Rachel’s gorgeous vintage inspired gown, the amazing florals over their mantle and that crazy gorgeous cake.

Congrats you guys, you are the cutest!

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Tanner & Dylan

Tanner is the daughter of my dear friend. I traveled down to Turlock to this amazing little oasis called East Lake Ranch. When I say oasis, I mean it. You’re just driving through Turlock past farms and you crest a hill to see these trees and a lake and you can hear the birds from a mile away. At first I thought it was fake Disneyland noises, haha. The (real) birds were an amazing soundtrack to a very sweet day. These two are so sweet and kind, and very family and community oriented. They created a sweet celebration for everyone and it was a joyful and heartfelt day for everyone. Some of the highlights of the day were the cake the bride’s mom decorated with collected and family brooches, Tanner carrying her late father’s hat pin attached to her bouquet, and the cute little football centerpiece. 


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Masa & Keiko

I am pathetically, horribly and totally behind on sharing all my awesome weddings from this year. But that’s all behind me now! Literally, as I only have three more this season. But looking back, I had one of the best seasons to date. It started off with this sweet and spiritual celebration with Masa and Keiko. Their home church is Saint Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church. Not only was the architecture amazing, the ceremony was filled with laughter, dancing and singing. It was a sweet, soulful and joyful celebration of the couple and their faith. Keiko’s family traveled from Japan to share in her day and had a wonderful time experiencing the beautiful San Francisco day. After the ceremony, they moved to the Epic Roasthouse on the Embarcadero for a beautiful lunch overlooking the water. My favorite details were the modern saints painted in the church, the gorgeous calligraphy Keiko created, the cake (oh that cake!), The ukulele player and the wedding rings that the couple MADE for each other! 

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Lovesick Recap

Lovesick expo was such a blast, I swear I’m still recovering! What an amazing group of vendors and clients, all coming together to make weddings more awesome. Thank you to both the Lovesick guys and to Offbeat Bride for putting on such a great event. It was a great time and the couples that I have met and booked are going to be some of my favorite events this year, I can just tell. Here are some of my favorite vendors, but I wish I had been able to really spend more time getting better photos and chatting more with people. I know I missed so many.

Anyhow, on with the show!

Shameless Photography is hot and sexy pinup – rawr! Super adorable gals taking gorgeous photos. What more do you want? Oh maybe some Body-Positive, queer friendly vibes? Yeah, they’ve got that too.

Shameless Photography Booth by Michelle Feileacan Photography

Knotty Co Bowties are handmade adorable bowties many from recycled and reclaimed fabrics. Well made, super cute and totally fun. He even makes leather bow ties! I had to physically restrain myself from buying the kid a dozen new bowties.


Bernal Burrow makes these super popular and on-trend marquee signs, and will do them custom for your event or home! I really want to get one for my kids’ rooms, wouldn’t that be awesome?



The Laugh Box makes flip books! SO CUTE. I love a good photo booth, but man, talk about taking it up a notch! These would seriously be a blast at a wedding or party. I’m trying to figure out how to get a video to play here, because it’s just too cute. I look like a dork, obviously, but that’s half the fun. 😀


Glass Coat Photo Booth took my favorite photobooth photo ever. Very bright and clean, good times!
And then Magbooth, who are always a blast and totally know their stuff. Both these booth are relatively compact so they don’t take up a ton of reception space. and you can get your photos online after the events, just in case you lose one or want an additional copy.




Goorin Bros has been making hats since 1895 and it shows. Well made, gorgeous and built to last. Dapper dudes and dames, check them out. Hats are so popular right now, and it’s great to see some of these companies stand the test of time. plus they are incredibly well made with top-notch materials.


Bored with cornhole or horseshoes at a wedding? How about SKEEBALL?? yes, you heard that correctly.  Joey the Cat Skeeball rental. DO it. You know your party is going to be epic with skeeball.  Plus, I’ll probably crash it, because I am the Feileacan family skeeball champion. MFP_9185



Indie Cakes and Pastries were so yummy. I ate a matcha cupcake with sesame frosting and it was the best sweet, but slightly savory, fluffy and dense and the same time (how is that possible?) My assistant said the red velvet were incredible, and she is a bit of a red velvet snob! The Indie gals are wonderfully nice and I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews.



Chef Stephanie is a culinary genius. I’ve worked weddings with her before and the food was phenominal and her presence/vibe  just cant be beat. She also has a huge focus on local, organic and sustainable foods, so if that’s important to you, she’s your gal.


chefstephAngela from Hairspray lounge was at the show doin’ some ‘do’s and making folks look stunning. She does great hair and has so much fun doing it, you can’t help but smile. Plus, best giveaway of the show! Hair bands!



There were so many more folks that I can’t bear to leave off, but If I don’t post this now, I’ll never do it! But all these folks are so amazing and full of awesome love and passion for what they do. So please go visit

Warner’s Whole Heart Events  Super organized, funny, sweet and stylish. Has a great eye, and a big heart. She makes your weddings both beautiful and special. My favorite planner to work with.
Mooi Events, who has great style and super quirky presence!
Obsessed Events, Classic and funky, stylish and offbeat – perfect combo!
Red Hots Burlesque, Now THAT’S a party! They do classes too, so can get your shimmy on.
Circus of Smiles, Event childcare and entertainment that the adults will want to partake in!
2 Friends Events Such great gals, with a wonderful aesthetic.
And last but not least, California Sister Floral, who makes my gorgeous table flowers for events



Lastly, I can’t leave off Offbeat Bride. I know most everyone has heard of them, but if you’re feeling like traditional wedding magazines and blogs just aren’t quite doing it for you, you should start reading OBB. I find that the community there is unlike any other and even when a wedding is not my style, or really “out there”, people really make an effort to be kind. How often is that said about an online community? And how often does a wedding show end with a vendor/staff/attendee dance party? With a giant jellyfish and clowns? Partnering with Offbeat Bride and the Lovesick crew has reaffirmed my commitment to marriage equality, and has strengthened my resolve to be a part of a fully inclusive wedding community and to put more damn fun into the events! Go forth! Share the love.





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Vendor Shout-Out: Meniscus Leather Goods

Recently I was gifted this wonderful little wallet from my dear friend. She lives in New Zealand and works for this leather company called Meniscus Leather Goods. They create quality leather goods for film and their own range of luxe accessories. All their work is made by hand in Rongotai, on the south coast of Wellington, New Zealand. Whether you know it or not, you are actually probably already familiar with their work. They have made replica armor and leather pieces for The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Dracula Untold and more.

MFP_9054MFP_9056I adore this little wallet. It’s just the right size for business or credit cards, and people always notice when I pull it out of my bag. It is simple, but the leather is so thick and beautiful,  you can tell it’s going to last a long time. In fact, that’s one of their little tag lines ‘Meniscus Leathergoods take a little time to wear in but a long time to wear out.’  And I know this makes me a super nerd, but it smells so good. Really good leather, mmmm. It’s a simple and affordable luxury that makes you feel just a little beauty in your day-to-day life. 

They ship to the US and they are incredible people, so visit them if you’re in NZ or buy your self a sweet little goodie made by the same hands that made this crazy dragon armor!MFP_9067

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