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We call it “photographers child syndrome” the fact that I can no longer get a easy picture of my own kid.

Can you believe that this guy is going to be FOUR? I just can’t believe that we’ve gone from a little squawky newborn to this small person that talks and talks and sings and plays computer games, has opinions and even helped me paint the wall of the living room today.

We’re slowly moving along with the painting of the new house. I think by tomorrow night we’ll be mostly done with painting, and after carpet later this week we can move the big furniture in and get stuff upon the walls. I’m ready to frame some new photos for the house, maybe even take a few new things just because I can!

I can’t wait to decorate. it’s my favorite part of moving in, and I’m feeling really out of sorts without my tchokies and art. Also, I can’t find my fingernail clippers, phone charger or band-aids.

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  • sara - i’m so excited to see your results. i’ve always loved all your houses, and your totally absorbing livingrooms where i can just sit and sit and sit.ReplyCancel

  • jessamyn harris - I am totally freaked out that he’s going to be 4 as well! what an old cliche, that I’m all like “he was just a blob in your baby thingy at the cafe not so long ago”… you are doing so great with your business-babyboy-family-house! I’m really happy for you : )ReplyCancel

  • Kim - Hello Michelle!

    This is Kim of Kim, Aaron, Jordi, previously from Copperfield’s.

    Yes… 4 is here! And so fast. Jordi is huge and I bet Meyer is tall! Right now we’re at the ten-million-umpteen-gazillon questions stage. I know that this means he’s bright, curious and it’s really good for his development, etc….but some days I just want to go hide in a closet! Other than that he’s wonderful and I love, love being where we are right now. Life is good.

    Your photos are fantastically amazing! I snooped at your Flickr sets and fav’d them and added you to my contacts. Don’t be alarmed…no stalking, just a great admirer of your work.

    Congrats on new house. So much room! Wonderful back yard to run the child in! Hope the setting up house and studio is going well.

    oops…I hear my boy calling out-better investigate. Must be time for a visit to the bathroom. Will the nightime potty-training ever end? Give our best to Nathan!


    (ps-ran into Jonatha at Stitches West last weekend and she gave me her Ravelry link, hence I found you too! Mine is Kimberli)ReplyCancel